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    Ecommerce or Affiliate Marketing: What’s Better?

    If you are interested in earning money by developing your own online business then ecommerce and affiliate marketing are two of the greatest ways. What is ecommerce and what is affiliate marketing? They are both online platforms in generating a good market. But to understand and distinguish both of them is the first step you must consider in your business plan. If you want to make a hefty amount of money, then you must understand its paradigm first. How they are different from one another and which of these suits you best?

    What is Ecommerce and Drop Shipping?

    Ecommerce or drop shipping is the process of offering products to people via the internet. Some of the biggest and most known ecommerce sites in the world are Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, and Alibaba.

    With dropshipping, you simply list a product on your site, when a customer makes a purchase, you order that product from the vendor. The vendor will then in turn ship that to the customer. You don’t need to carry any inventory at all. This is why drop shipping is very popular with a lot of entrepreneurs looking to get into a startup business.

    These are most certainly the best examples and also the reason why you should want to develop your own ecommerce site. These companies earn millions of dollars each day. However, they are also the reason why you should not build your own ecom since you are participating in a competition of giants. This is not entirely true because many startup websites also earn large amounts with dropshipping even with a small store. This is because they offer products and services outside what big companies do not have.

    There are vast ways of making your website rise to the top. The strategy is the key. One of the best ways is offering customers free delivery if the production team is within their locality. Ecommerce is also good for entrepreneurial businesses where their products and services are new, profound and will not have to compete with the big companies.

    Setting up your own ecom sites enable you to earn more margin than an affiliate website. This can be good for businesses selling their own products and services that don’t distribute well. You will have stronger control since you completely own what you are offering. The best offer of ecommerce is that you earn really relatively well due to drop shipping. Drop shipping is directly purchasing merchandise from the manufacturer and setting the frontend price of your choice.

    What is Affiliate Marketing?

    Unlike ecom, affiliate marketing is only a gateway to products and services. Affiliate marketing websites redirect their customers to the product companies’ website and are then given commission. Although this might be more complex and harder to setup, it costs less than ecommerce websites. You will not be required to have large storages and will not have to worry about customer support since you will only be redirecting people to the brand’s website support.

    The setup can take quite some time but once it is done, you have taken yourself out of the process – talking about passive earning. This turns advantageous compared to ecommerce in terms of handling clients, storage of items and hassle-free management of offerings. You can also earn on purchased items not being shown on your website. You are accredited for a certain percentage when you successfully redirect a client to their website and thus making more while doing less. The best part of affiliate marketing is working from home with your own personal space and with much comfort. You get to choose which hours and how many hours you get to work. You will be able to work with ease and versatility.

    So Which one is Better?

    If you like to earn more with the products then you should do ecommerce. If you want to save time and energy you should go for affiliate marketing. To learn more about both models check out Drew’s Review, a site that reviews both of these business models and gives tips as well. If you are a company selling a limited type of items or products limited to a certain locality then go for ecommerce. If you like being comfortable and do not want to worry about deadlines and such, then affiliate marketing is suitable for you.

    Ecommerce offers higher margins and more control over the merchandise. Affiliate marketing brings you comfort and eases while being able to earn passively. Both of these two are great platforms in earning, but planning out and contemplate which one is the best for your situation is the key to get the most out of these online businesses.

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    What’s the Best Online Business?

    There are so many options when it comes to earning an income online in many different types of business models.  You could choose from affiliate marketing, e-Commerce, selling on Amazon, Ebay, doing a Seo for other people or businesses, or just make you websites.

    In choosing an online business you need to decide what is best for you.  Do you want to do work for other people?  If that is the case then you could get started today with either Fiverr or Upwork.  Both platforms offer you an opportunity to make money online through an array of different types of work.

    Perhaps you like to work alongside people such as a business owner.  In this case, you could start an SEO Agency or a social media marketing agency and market your services to them.  This will require a lot of social contact and sales.  If you are not comfortable with things like cold calling and dealing with people in public or on the phone then I would suggest you get into a business where contact with others is minimal.

    The number one business were you will have the least amount of contacts with people is with affiliate marketing.  Here, you simply review a product or service, grab your affiliate link and pasted on your website.  Of course there’s a lot more to this but when someone clicks on your link you will get a commission for what you are promoting.

    E-Commerce and drop shipping is similar but in this model there will be some degree of contact with people.  You will need to deal with customer service inquiries or when you are big enough you will have two train and manage your virtual assistants.

    The same wood go with selling on Amazon or Ebay – you will need to have some form of contact with customers such as complaints or questions.

    So as you can see, you should choose which business model you are most comfortable with.  The one business involves most contact with people would be some type of agency work whether it’s through SEO or social media.  Choose what works best for you.